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COVID-19 NAAT test address: Midtown Medical Clinic   地址:130-8780 Blundell Road, Richmond BC


This COVID-19 NAAT is for asymptomatic traveller only. 

BC MSP is not covered for this service. You can book this online. Daily limit applies.


1. A nasal swabl for PCR NAAT will apply.  Sample will be sent to Life Lab for processing;

2. Lab results are usually available between 48-72 hours. Our medical clinic is not responsible for the lab result available time and accuracy;

3. We advise to do the test 4-5 days before your flight;

4. If you cancel your test before 24 hours,  you will only be charged for a reserve processing fee $60 and rest will have a refund. A refund can be processed within 30 days. If the cancellation is within 24 hours, we are not able to provide you the deposit refund.

Our medical clinic doctor will provide you a certification regarding your lab report with the date from the doctor's assessment.

Your successful flight boarding is not guaranteed from our clinic.


Notice on your test day:

1. Please arrive on time, and wait at the parking lot until we call you to enter our clinic.

2. Wear your mask and we will  provide you gloves to wear in clinic.

3. Prepare to show your government ID with your photo on it.

Please keep in touch with us by phone or other social media contact


If you have any symptoms of fever, cough, muscle pain, malfunction of smelling, please don't use above swab test. You can call 811 for instruction instead.

               Click link here to book for Covid-19 NAAT test

Or  EMT to ($360+GST= $378 / person)




核酸检测地点: Midtown Medical Clinic   地址:130-8780 Blundell Road, Richmond BC





1. 本机构将采用鼻拭子采样进行PCR NAAT检测,采样将送至Life Lab实验室完成;

2. 实验室通常会在48-72小时左右出具检测报告;本机构对实验室出具报告的准确性和时间不负责任;

3. 核酸检测的时间由旅行者自行决定,建议至少提早4-5天预约;

4. 退款政策:若在核酸检测预约时间前24小时以上取消预约,诊所将收取行政费$60,其他款项将退还;退款将在30天内完成。若少于24小时取消预约,将不能退款。





1. 检测当日须准时到达诊所门口或附近停车场,等我们护理团队电话通知才能进入诊所;

2. 必须佩戴口罩和手套(诊所可提供);

3. 须提供附本人照片的政府证件。



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Or  EMT to ($360+GST= $378 / 人)   



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